Entertainment Business Services

Music and Entertainment 

You’re an artist seeking the right contract or you wish to setup or expand a business in this industry. We can assist you in reaching your potential.

Just choose your specialist area!

  • Artist Management
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Music Copyright
  • Royalty Investigations
  • Promotions
  • Distribution Deals

This is arguably our quintessential expertise. Atlanta is now among the top five hubs of the nation’s music industry, and nobody knows that business better than B.E.S’ CEO Jim Welcome, who has excelled in every aspect of that industry as a stellar national tour concert promoter and artist manager since 1971.

“This is our strong suit,” Welcome confidently confirms. “We promoted over 100 events annually. In 1986 we implemented the largest one day event ever promoted in the country. I have successfully promoted almost every major music artist prior to 1991, and we are still intrinsically involved in entertainment management and marketing.”

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