B.E.S. Business & Entertainment Services in Atlanta, Georgia, provides you with business consultation services that you can depend on.

We are a full service Business Consulting Support Group servicing your needs to help you increase and realize your growth potential.

We specialize in . . . “Solutions that Produce!”


Take Your Business to the Next Level

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, use our expertise to help your organization stand out from the rest. B.E.S. gives you professional assistance in managing, marketing, branding, and organizing your business so you can become a brand name in your industry.


For Companies and Clients . . .

We do the things that require outside expertise or those tasks that you simply prefer not to do. Specialist help is available in an array of disciplines:

  • Business Consultation Services
  • Restaurant Development
  • Music and Entertainment Services
  • Comprehensive Business Plans
  • Financing


A Quarter-Century of Service

Since 1986, our company has served as the off-premises CFO for 27 small businesses with revenues in excess of $10M annually. Take advantage of our experience and expertise to make your company as successful as possible and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Speak with a specialist today to help strengthen your bottom line!

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