Restaurant Development

This division is headed up by Eleanorjan Green-Welcome.  She is no stranger to the restaurant scene. She brings a depth of management experience to BES from every corner of the industry. A graduate of the Bernard Baruch College Zicklin School of Business, she honed her skills in Brooklyn, NY, managing small, underground boutique restaurants. She soon moved on to managing the celebrity hot-spot Xanadu, a 35,000 sq. ft. restaurant and disco club in New York City. Over the course of her career, Eleanor has served as a General Manager for Western Reserve (Wendy’s), Training Manager for the Country Kitchens, Inc., and Regional Manager for General Mills (Olive Garden and Red Lobster).  After relocating to Atlanta, she built a successful business consultancy serving mostly the club and restaurant niche. We are proud to have such a savvy business woman leading our team.

We will manage and facilitate the bidding process of both general contractor and equipment purchases to ensure that the best qualified and best suited are selected.

  • Lease and Acquisition Negotiations
  • State and City Liquor Consult
  • Preparation of Bid List of Qualified Contractors
  • Invitation to Bid
  • Schedule Site Pre-Bid Inspections
  • Coordinate and Review all Proposals
  • Contractor Interviews
  • Assist in Contract Negotiation
  • Back and Front of the House Setup and Training
  • Insurance and Risk Management

Permit / Licenses

We can assist architects, contractors, restaurateurs, and developers with the most complicated task and time consuming process of obtaining the following permits / approvals and also consult with various city agencies.

-Building Permit – Interior Alteration                           -Historical Preservation
-Building Permit – New construction                            -Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC)
-Alcohol license Permits-state & City                             -Food & Business Licenses
-Demo Permits Interior                                                     -Certificate of Occupancy
-Public Space (Café seating)                                             -Food Handler Certification
-Waivers                                                                               -Raze Permit (Demolition)
-Storm Water Management                                             -Commission of Fine Arts
-Zoning                                                                                 -Third Party Plan Review
-Board of Zoning Adjustment                                          -Third Party Inspections

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